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WSESC is the congress of World Society of Emergency Surgery, which was founded in March 28th, 2007 in Bologna/Italy. It joins surgeons and experts of all continents.

Aims of WSES are:

  • Provide the continuing medical education in emergency surgeries, trauma surgery and related areas.
  • Apply Protocols using the best medical practices for diagnosis and treatment of patients in surgical emergency and trauma.
  • Ease the interchange of information and stimulate an interdisciplinary net with branches, which are related to trauma and emergency surgery.
  • Promote courses and practical programs to help professionals.

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WSES also publishes the World Journal of Emergency Surgery, a journal of open access, peer-reviewed which involves all the aspects of basic and clinical investigations related to surgeries of traumatic and non-traumatic  emergencies and their subjects.

This will be the fourth edition of the WSES Congress that previously took place in Bologna (2010), Bergamo (2013) and Jerusalem (2015) with an average of 300 international congresspersons.

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The Biggest updating program in Digestive System and Trauma for professionals from cities in the interior!

IG&T began in 2008. It is a multidisciplinary UPDATING program which aims to present and discuss the problems and solutions involving the treatment of digestive tract disorders and traumas in a very practical and objective way.

Its targets are professionals of Medicine, Nursing and Nutrition from cities in the interior of the state and country, and therefore discuss the topics taking into account the present reality of those cities.

IG&T is jointly promoted by:

There are partnerships with more than a dozen medical institutions, universities and educational hospitals in Sao Paulo State. These partners receive facilities such as discounts, special offers, etc for their professionals and students.

Several medical, nursing and nutrition organizations offer their support to IG&T.

The first goals were set in its foundation and it is possible to observe nowadays that the commitment to the quality, organization and union of the entities in the country remains the same. IG&T objectives are:

  • Focus on DIGESTIVE SYSTEM AND TRAUMA (and related areas);
  • Focus on the cities in the INTERIOR;
  • Focus on the daily PRACTICE of professionals;
  • INTEGRATION among different professions and among different institutions;
  • Special RELATIONSHIP with our Sponsors;
  • High level of ORGANIZATION e QUALITY;
  • To become a REFERENCE in the country.

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CoLT is having its 19th edition and is returning to Campinas, city where its creation took place.

It is a Congress promoted by

Besides students of trauma leagues from all parts of the country, it joins professionals like clinical physicians and surgeons, nursing professionals, emergency physicians, other pre-hospital care professionals and physiotherapists.

On average, it congregated more the 800 participants in the latest editions, overcoming 1200 registrations in 2011.

CoLT and COBRALT are engaged in initiatives of great international repercussion to prevent accidents, like the PARTY Project and actions of the MAIO AMARELO Movement (Yellow March).

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The event will be held at EXPO D. PEDRO – Centro de Convenções e Exposições de Campinas (500, Guilherme Campos Avenue, Jardim Santa Genebra, Campinas/SP, CEP 13087-901 – Phone (19) 3112-4700).

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EXPO D. PEDRO is located on the margins of D. Pedro Road and next to the junction of the main highways in the Interior of Sao Paulo State, 25 minutes from Viracopos International Airport.

It is attached to Parque D. Pedro Shopping, the biggest horizontal shopping mall of Latin America, becoming a national and international reference (

The Partnerships are made with medical institutions, universities and educational hospitals aiming to provide advantages (e.g. discounts) to all the professionals connected to these institutions.

The SUPPORT is given by medical, nursing and nutrition organizations also guaranteeing discounts to their members. Some international societies also offer support to the WSES Congress and guarantee discounts for their associates.

In both cases it is necessary to send a receipt or validated document along with the enrollment process. In the absence of these documents, the online participation certificate will not be available until the regularization of the pending procedures (presentation of the document or adjustment of the registration fee).

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The target public of WSESC / IG&T / COLT 2017 comprehends several specialties and sub-areas.





Medicine students

Gastrointestinal Surgery
Trauma Surgery
General Surgery
Pediatric Surgery
Digestive Endoscopy
Clinical Gastroenterology

Emergency Medicine
Pediatric Intensive Care
Interventionist Radiology


Nursing Technicians / Assistants
Nursing students

Stoma Therapy and Ostomies
Digestive Endoscopy
Sterile Processing Department
Surgical Clinic 

Medical Clinic
Intensive Therapy
Urgency and Emergency
Child and Adolescent Health


Nutrition students

Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition
Adult Nutrition
Pediatrics Nutrition

Specific infirmities
Sportive Nutrition




Surgical Technologists
Social Workers


To enroll you can access the option REGISTRATION on the menu and choose the registration form for your professional area. Fill in all the data and choose payment method (foreigns participants = by credit card online payment only).

Registrations will be accepted only in one single category.

You will receive an automatic message after sending your form and some days after the payment (processing period) you will receive a confirmation message. The processing after payment can last up to five business days. 

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The enrollment fees must be paid through banking ticket or credit card (online). (foreigns participants = by credit card online payment only).

The payment on site can be made through check (of the participant themselves), cash or credit card. (Foreigns participants = only by cash).

Due to fiscal and legal issues, the receipt will describe the purpose of the payment and its respective value and will be automatically issued by the registration system of the event, not having in any case the issuance of a manual receipt.

In the Registration Form, there are appropriate fields to indicate the data for issuing the receipt.  Once issued, there will be no possibility of changing the fields or issuing a new different receipt.

The payment of the complete enrollment fee allows you to:

  1. take part in the scientific program of the area chosen (Medicine / Pediatrics / Nursing/ Nutrition/Others);
  2. coffee-breaks;
  3. folder and badge (according to the category chosen);
  4. Certificate (according to the category chosen).

Lunch is NOT included during the event. Participants can choose one of the following options for their lunch:

  • Exclusive restaurant assembled by CASA BELLINI Buffet at the event venue (Ticket BRL$ 52,00 - includes: salad, hot dish, dessert and a drink)
  • HELLO CAFE (on the event venue)
  • Visit Exhibitors stands
  • One of several restaurants available at Parque Dom Pedro Shopping (next to the event venue).

The main enrollment also allows you to have free access to some courses/workshops/symposia, while others will be charged.

Yes. You can choose the courses/workshops/symposia that you intend to participate on the menu in the registration form to book your vacancy and guarantee your certificate.

Some courses/workshops/symposia are free (included in the enrollment of the main event) while others demand specific enrolment and additional payment.

Attention: You must enroll in all the activities you have interest (even the free ones) to guarantee your participation and certificate.

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The enrollment in courses/workshops/symposia can be done even after the filling in of the registration form, at any time, through RESTRICTED AREA.

Access the link on the top of the website informing your email and your password and choose the courses/workshops/symposia you are interested in.

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You will have to pay an additional amount to confirm your enrollment if the courses you have chosen are not free.

If you are interested ONLY in taking part in one or more courses/workshops/symposia, choose the option ONLY ACTIVITIES in the registration form.

The enrollments for courses and workshops are independent and should obey specific instructions and form of payment for each case.

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The enrollment process will be finished only after the confirmation of payment. The process after the payment may last up to 5 working days, depending on the form of payment chosen.

An confirmation automatic message will be sent to your e-mail registered in the registration form. To follow the status of your enrollment, access RESTRICTED AREA.

There you will find a link to have a duplicate of your banking ticket, receipt, visualize messages from the organization, submit abstracts and print the certificates after the event, among other facilities.

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To send your valid document, access the RESTRICTED AREA on the website homepage (access with your email or CPF and password) and select the type of proof you want (proof of category or proof of affiliation to partner institution or both). 

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Registration with discount has to be proved with any of the following documents (upload by Restricted Area):

  • statement dated on letterhead or
  • proof of recent monthly or anual fee or
  • holerith / payment check or
  • student ID or
  • al identification

The bond can be confirmed directly with the institution.  The condition of “paying member” will be confirmed in the respective society indicated by the enrollee.

In the absence of these documents, the online participation certificate will not be available until the regularization of the pending procedures (presentation of the document or adjustment of the registration fee).

If you have lost your bill of exchange or if it has been expired, access RESTRICTED AREA (email and password required) to emit a duplicate.

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Attention: after the dates indicated in the chart of fees, the system will update the price automatically in the bill of exchange and the copy will have new prices.

Any doubts you may have, please write to, describing the problem so that we can assist you.

It is possible to substitute subscribers up to one week before the event since there is a written authorization from the one who had registered before (by email:

It is possible to cancel the registration if requested in writing (by email: requested exclusively by the participant himself until April 30, 2017.  The refund will be 50% of the total amount paid (Brazilians only).  After that date, no refunds will be made.

You can print your certificates through RESTRICTED AREA. Each participant will receive the certificates related to the category of enrollment chosen.

The certificates of participation in the event and in the Courses/Workshops/Symposia will be issued electronically fourteen days after the end of the Event, only to participants who can prove their presence in the event.

The Registration with discount that will not have the corroborative documents will have the certificate retained until the regularization of the pending situation (presentation of the document or adequacy of the registration fee).

The issue of the certificates will be available for six (06) months after the end of the event. Certificates not printed within this period will be disregarded.

It is not possible to emit certificates of past editions of WSES Congress or INTERGASTRO & TRAUMA or COLT.


After being chosen by the Judging Commission, the work will be selected for ORAL, VIDEO or POSTER PRESENTATION (as chosen during submission), along with the selection of the best ones in each category.

Yes, only participants enrolled and with their payment confirmed can submit abstracts for evaluation.

After having the confirmation of your enrollment, access RESTRICTED AREA on the top of the website (providing your E-mail and the password registered) and choose SUBMIT ABSTRACT and follow the instructions online.

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